Cultivance® weed control system

Cultivance® soybean production system is a combination of genetically modified (GMO) soybean plants with tailor made herbicides that will promote a complete weed control solution to farmers.

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This herbicide-tolerant technology provides farmers with a new weed control system that effectively manages a broad spectrum of weeds. Designed to be applied post crop emergence, Cultivance herbicides provide farmers with the flexibility to apply the herbicide as needed to control weeds during the critical first few weeks of crop growth. A single application of Cultivance provides season-long control of both broad leaf and grass weeds, including those difficult to control. Farmers will also experience logistical and environmental benefits through Cultivance. Fewer herbicide applications per hectare will reduce the use of machinery and labor, reducing costs for growers and the release of CO2 into the environment.






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Cultivance soybean production system

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